SnpExpert – S-parameter Exploration


Xpeedic SnpExpert provides a quick way to understand the electrical characteristics of the passive interconnectors in a system by not only viewing the S-parameter in frequency domain but also examining the time domain reflectometry (TDR). One-click definition of differential pairs and victim/aggressor setup, together with the built-in NEXT, FEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICR, and ICN, allows user to quickly evaluate the crosstalk.

  • Both frequency domain S-parameter and time domain TDR/TDT plot.
  • Built-in crosstalk plots including FEXT, NEXT, PSXT, ILD, ICN, and ICR.
  • Support to generate eye-diagram from S- parameter. And support CTLE and DFE adaptive optimization and manual tuning features when plot eye diagram, also provide real time equalization preview plot to ease the tuning process.
Main Features
  • One-click to define differential pairs and victim/ aggressor pairs
  • Built-in compliance metrics ,such as IEEE802.3, OIF CEI,etc and also user defined
  • Built-in template plot for RF components
  • Built-in Thru-Only De-embedding (TOD)
  • Built-iin Open-Short/Thru De-embedding (OTD) method for on-chip de-embedding
  • Easy to half S parameter
  • Built-in delay & skew calculator
  • Support multiple data curves gating with only one click, and export the whole S-parameter after gating.
  • Built-in RLGC solver for transmission lines
  • Multi-ways to extract Dk/Df from S-parameter file
  • Built-in passivity/causality/reciprocity/stability checker
  • Support to convert S-parameter to broand band spice or Hspice RFM model
  • Support S->RLGC, RLGC->S, S->W-element transformation
  • Support complex numbers for S-parameter
  • Support to combine multiple s4p files to one snp
  • Support to import/export Touchstone 2.0
  • Support Python script to invoke most SnpExpert features, including S-parameter import, plot, add mark, TDR, TOD and so on
  • Easy to generate report including Word and PPT format
  • Save project status and user settings when software encounter abnormal situation
What's New in SnpExpert 2019.01
  • TOD feature:
    1. Support IEEE P370 compatible de-embedding method TOD with 2x thru, 1x open, 1x short and 1x reflect test fixture
    2. Improve TOD accuracy up to 60GHz to meet 56Gbps system requirements
    3. Support multiple ports system de-embedding when port number larger than 4
  • Support IEEE P370 compatible S-parameters quality check and causality/passivity enforcement in both time and frequency domain
  • Dk/Df Extraction feature:
    1. Support TOD and GA Optimization based Dk/Df Extraction for High-speed and Wideband Applications
    2. Support huray model surface roughness as optimization target for optimization based DK/DF extraction flow
  • Add calculation SDC and SCD to keep the difference of original s parameter skew in “Halve S-Parameter matrix”
  • TDR feature:
    1. Add TDR windows to create a smooth transition repeated intervals, such as Rectangle, Hanning, Hamming, Butterworth, Gaussian and so on
    2. Update Settings of Offset Time,Port Termination and Port Extension in “TDR Options”
    3. Add Impedance Peeling to get true impedance
  • Optimize delay&skew algorithm to improve the calculation accuracy and speed
  • Add three types such as PSNEXT, PSFEXT and PSNEXT+FEXT in custom compliance
  • Add new built-in complainces for s-parameter exploration, including USB 3.1,VESA DisplayPort(HBR Cable) , PCIe 4.0 , 5.0 GenZ ,SAS 4.0 and GDDR 5 Connector complainces
  • Supports the calculation of Q, L, M and K values of Primary Center Tapped Transformer, Secondary Center Tapped Transformer, Dual Center Tapped Transformer
  • In Open-Short/Thru De-embeeding, the defaults of Short and Thru are supported, and the results can be generated according to the intersection of bandwidth when de-embedding
  • Support customized ICN calculation independent of predefined compliance
  • Support manual selection of Plot in Grid and display of Grid Plot
  • Port Reorder supports batch processing
  • Vertical line supports copy
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