ChannelExpert – Channel Exploration


ChannelExpert provides a fast, accuracy and easy way to evaluate and analyze pre-layout or post-layout high speed channel with its built-in advanced circuit and EM solver technologies.

  • Buit-in liner net work analyzer.
  • Support frequency and time simulation.
  • Support IBIS/AMI model and spice model.
Main Features
  • Buit-in 2D RLGC solver to modeling TML
  • Easy multiple channel creation by table with only one-click
  • Built-in template to quickly create single channel and multiple channel
  • Easy to import PCB file to create channel
  • Support full BP simulation for Traditional BP, Orthogonal Direct BP, Orthogonal Mid-Plane BP
  • Support generating high speed serdes channels from a bunch of PCB files and do crosstalk and insertion loss simulations
  • Support buffers with DFE, CTLE and FFE, automatically optimize the equalization coefficient based on channel characteristics
  • Built-in substrate and stackup databases to modeling TML
  • Parametric S-Parameter files and transmission line physical parameters for easy channel exploration
  • Add multiple interpolation and extrapolation algorithms for S-parameter based frequency domain and crosstalk analysis
  • Support COM (Channel operation margin) analysis
  • Seamlessly link to SnpExpert for S-parameter viewing and post-processing
What's New in ChannelExpert 2019.01
  • Support automated full channel crosstalk analysis and design margin evaluation for high-speed backplane systems
  • Add pattern source in TX AMI model
  • Add an element named TGND to achieve a quick termination to ground
  • Support ordering boards by name in Multi-Board work flow
  • Support custom current Substrates information to be applied to other layers in layout flow
  • Support editing IBIS-AMI model's configuration file
  • Support probe of statistical eye diagram at any node of the whole channel
  • Support showing log information in time domain simulation
  • Optimize the Messages window to filter errors, warnings and find specific messages easily
  • Optimize substrate configuration window
  • Improving the import speed of s parameters substantially
  • Support saving existing project automatically after software crash
  • Support opening ChannelExpert project by double click
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