CableExpert – Fast and Accurate Cable Modeling and Simulation


Cable assembly is a key building component in network systems. Accurate modeling of cables is becoming a necessity to achieve the desired signal integrity with multi-gigabit data rate. Twinaxial cable used for SFP and QSFP interface in 10G/40G/100G Ethernet is such an example. Many parameters have significant impact on signal quality such as drain type and shielding pattern, to name a few. Engineers need a fast and accurate way to model and simulate the cable with high confidence in signal integrity.

Key Features

CableExpert is a modeling application for cable processing and can export models to HFSS for simulation. We can check the integrity of the signal indicators, such as insertion loss, loss, crosstalk, etc., it also allows designers to model the wiring after the simulation and tracking processing.

  • Implementation of Ribbon UI offered by Microsoft in their office solutions, and makes Xpeedic application keeping up with the time, and has a modern look and feel.
  • Multiple ways to create models from built-in templates to analyze cable performance, including Twinaxial Cable, Twisted Cable, LVDS Cable, IEEE 1394 Cable, Differential Cable and USB type-C cabe templates.
  • 3D-View makes the model check easier.
Main Features
  • Fast 2D FEM RLGC solver offers better capacity and speed compared to other tools in market for cable simulation
  • Support Adaptive frequency sweep and multi-threading processing technology to achieve excellent performance speedup
  • Optimal 2D mesh improves the simulation accuracy and speed
  • Auto port generation simplifies EM analysis setup
  • Support parametric and optimization sweep simulation for Twinaxial Cable, Twisted Cable, LVDS Cable, IEEE 1394, Differential Cable and USB type-C templates
  • Easy export CableExpert simulation project to HFSS for easy verification
What's New in CableExpert 2019.01
  • Optimized and automated cable splitting and cascading flow were implemented based on periodical cable physical parameters configuration, and make it the most powerful long cable design solution
  • Built-in several parameterized twinaxial cable templates for user to explore cable physical effects, including Waveguide Adapter-Right Angle template, Waveguide Adapter-End Launch template and General Coaxial Cable template
  • Accurate modeling of different kinds of longitudinal cables within minutes with leading edge 2D FEM solver
  • Support opening CableExpert project by double click
  • Add Number of Circle Divisions for “Center Drain – Wrapping”, “Dual Drain – Wrapping” and “No Drain – Wrapping” templates
  • Support to export, rename and delete simulation results
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