1. PDK quality from foundry is critical for IC designers to design with confidence and achieve fast time-to-market.
  2. Developing such a PDK requires engineering know-how and customized tool automation. It becomes even more critical with the fast pace of technology evolution. A dedicated team with both EDA tool development capability and design experience to automate the PDK development and model generation flow is highly desired.
  3. Xpeedic has a strong track record in both developing differentiating EDA tools and delivering silicon-proven IPD. It has a dedicated team with EDA and IC design experiences to help foundry to develop the PDK with the highest quality. Its goal is to be foundry's best partner to build a vibrant EDA-foundry-designer ecosystem.

Xpeedic in Semiconductor Ecosystem

Through collaboration with foundries, Xpeedic has been helping its IC customers in mobile, IoT and computing industry with
  • Foundry certified EDA tools
  • Silicon proven IP

Xpeedic's Foundry PDK Service

  • One-stop customized PDK service
  • Dedicated team with EDA and IC design experiences
  • Customized Xpeedic EDA tools tailored to fast and accurate PDK development
  • PDK interface with mainstream EDA schematic/layout environment such as Cadence Virtuoso and Keysight ADS

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